Luxurious Campervan Canvas Awnings

DubPod® Fitting Guide

Connecting the Dubpod connector to your campervan.

Option One.

For vans with a gutter rail you can use a universal pole and clamp set which can be bought from most retailers of campervan accessories.  
Just Kampers have this product -
Awning Pole and Clamp Set
This fits by simply sliding the pole through the canvas pocket on the underside of the DubPod connector next to the awning bead. The pole is then simply clamped to the vehicle using the clamps in the kit.
We find this is the most secure fitting when the weather is windy.

Option Two.

For vans with an awning rail, you can use a drive away kit.
We have found the Kampa brand drive away kit to be a good solution
You slide the 6mm beading that is fitted along the edge of the DubPod's connecting section into one side of the figure of eight and sliding the connector strip in the other side of the figure of eight and the vans awning rail. We recommend using a 6mm to 6mm drive away kit as it helps you to easily detach when you want to leave the DubPod standing.

Drive Away and Leaving Up

You can detach the connector part and leave the DubPod in position when you go out in your camper for the day. Simply add the two awning poles into the front eyelets on the connector and guy them down at the front.
You can also use Dubpod as a Standalone tent by unzipping the awning connector sections and pitching as a Touareg tent.